Blog for money. Why not earn while you blog?

By | October 19, 2015

I’d like to talk about this because it’s such an interesting topic. Many people, myself included, are making money from their blogs. In a round about kind of way I blog for money. Most bloggers do. You may have seen blog posts from bloggers that show exactly how much money they make in a month or a quarter. I have. Interesting stuff.

blog for money, make money blogging, start a blog

This is NOT me.

So if we are to believe the numbers posted by these successful blogs then there is obviously scope to make money from your blog. The money generated from those blogs comes from a number of sources such as advertising and affiliate links. I’ll be covering advertising and affiliate links in later posts.

But your blog is not successful. Your blog is just starting off and no one even knows about it. How can that make money. Well if no one knows about it it can’t. 

blog for money, make money blogging, start a blog

This is me.

In my first post I showed you that I’m going to take a step by step approach to helping you build your blog and that didn’t mean just getting you online. Once you have your blog up and running there are a number of other things you can and should do to get your blog noticed. Getting noticed means people are coming to your blog. Once you have traffic then you can make money from that traffic. So what steps should you be taking?

  • Create compelling content
  • Register your site with search engines Google, Bing/Yahoo etc.
  • Promote your blog.
  • Build backlinks
  • Create more compelling content.
  • Monetize.

As a rule, search engine optimization or SEO, is an important practice and should be in your mind during your content creation and promotion. Search engine optimization is a topic of it’s own and something you should pay a lot of attention to.

Jump to What Can I Do With WordPress Plugins to see how to install plugins that will make your website SEO much more powerful. 

These are the basics and there’s a lot you can learn about each of them. Don’t be under any illusions about generating money from a blog. It is NOT a way to get money quickly. Your first couple of months may not see any traffic. And that’s OK. During this time you will be creating content, refining your writing skills, tweaking your layout and style. You’ll be learning a lot. 

So lets get going. It’s time to get noticed.