Blog content writing – It’s all in your hands

By | October 20, 2015

In the previous post ” Can you make money from a blog?” I highlighted the steps that we’ll be following to creating a successful blog. Now I’m going to delve deeper into these steps. Let’s look at the importance of high quality blog content writing.

blog content writing

Creating compelling content is critical to the success of your blog. There is no point in promoting your blog or doing any sort of activity to drive traffic to your site until you have some good quality content up. Would you go to an empty shop? Nope. What’s the point?

Your site, your blog, your posts. These are the drivers of your success. When you’re choosing the type of blog that you’re going to create, the content that you want to put on there is the number one choice. More important than the name, the layout, the WordPress theme. More important than everything. The quality of your blog content writing is going to mean the difference between an engaged audience and the occasional reader.

The good news is that you can write about literally anything. You have some skill, some talent, some insights into something that people will want to read about. You need to know your niche. Identifying your niche can be really straight forward to some and frustrating to others. But you know something that others want to know. And that’s a fact. So take what you already know and start on the road to great blog content writing.

blog content writing

Food blogging, parenting blogs, travel blogs, product blogs. Have you cooked or eaten anything that people will want to know about. If you have children you could start that parenting handbook that everyone tells you your kids don’t come with. The places you’ve been, the experiences you’ve had. All of it is golden when it comes to blogging. Or is it?

blog content writing

The title of this post isn’t “Creating Content”. You need to create compelling content that people will be able to read without drifting off and whacking their head on the keyboard. You need to be able to keep people engaged. While posting about blogs could easily be boring and a dry as sandpaper I like to create engagement through the use of images and by speaking to you directly.

I’m not just giving you the facts. Facts are boring. Conversations are better. Conversations and funny pictures are even better. See where I’m going. Use your personality to create your blog that is YOUR blog. In the beginning it will mostly be your friends and family that see your blog. Make it so that they feel that connection that you have in real life. If you can do that then strangers that come across your site will feel it too. And that’s important. 

Now that you’ve built your site and created some great content. It’s time to get this show on the road and get people reading it. It’s time to let the search giants know that you exist. Google, Bing, Yahoo here we come!