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By | January 31, 2017

Since I started this blog back in late 2015 I have made mistake after mistake when it comes to getting people to actually come and read my posts. I initially started it as a way of learning the ropes, so to speak. I learn better by doing so I dived in. So I signed up for hosting, bought a domain and got going. I even documented the process so that I would have something positive to share with whoever wanted to see it. You can read that post on how to set up a blog here. But the traffic never came and I just accepted that. But lately I’ve been experimenting with Pinterest and I’ve developed a strategy to get Pinterest traffic. Lots of Pinterest traffic. Of course this strategy will need to be verified and that is exactly what this post is all about.

Over the course of the next 12 months I’m hoping to transform the readership of this blog from the practically nothing to the insanely popular. Wishful thinking? No. It’s a positive attitude with a practical approach. What’s more it’s measurable. I’m a numbers person. Stats, analytics, growth, all measurable and I like that. And what’s more I’m going to share the success or failure of my Pinterest strategy right here for you to judge for yourself if it’s something you want to try.

Let’s clear something up. I’m not selling a strategy, or a Pinterest class or anything. I’m experimenting with traffic generation because I’ve read a lot about getting traffic from Pinterest and now it’s time to put it into action. As I said, I learn by doing.

Get Pinterest Traffic – The Plan.

So here’s the plan. This is a high level view of what I’m trying and I’ll keep this list updated with any new developments as I implement them and the effects they have on traffic.

  1. Develop a good presence on Pinterest which is focused and creates a benefit to those who follow me.  This includes adding content that solves a problem or helps people in some way. The niche that I’m choosing is monetizing a blog but with added focus on traffic generation from multiple sources. It’s difficult to monetize without traffic so I see the two topics going hand in hand with one another. I’m interested in these topics. So are other people so this is ideal for me. You can follow me on Pinterest here.
  2. Only growing my followers through the quality of the boards and pins I use. This is important to me since like-for-like type following is counter intuitive to my goals. People who like you just because you like them are not as engaged with your content as someone who like you because of the quality of the information you provide. Of course you will get followers who are hoping you’ll follow them back. This happens and there’s no real way to avoid it on Pinterest. My advice is to accept followers as they find you and only follow people back when they have similar interests that you will like to see in your feed. My second follower actually had a wealth of interesting pins that I liked.
  3. Joining group boards that hopefully my pins will do well in. Everything I’ve read about Pinterest has included this tip. It’s a good one too because as a new Pinterest user my followers are few and far between. But posting to a group board can see your pin getting in front of hundreds or possibly thousand of people in a short amount of time. That’s pretty impressive.
  4. Add my own posts. At time of writing I haven’t added many of my own posts to Pinterest although I do have a board created and waiting to host them.  The reason for this is twofold. 1. I want to pin my own content when I have followers who will see them in their feeds and 2. I haven’t actually created the pinnable images that I want to use for those posts yet. That should be sorted soon and then I’ll get them posted.

So this is what I’m doing to get Pinterest traffic. As you can see the plan is simple – Implementing it properly is taking some work. It’s not a plan that I can put in place quickly either. 2 young children and a full time job mean getting this done is taking time. But the plan is in place and I’m working it so let’s take a look at where I am after 1 week of being on Pinterest specifically for this blog.

Pinterest stats after 1 week (Week ending 29 – Jan – 17).

I had a surprising bump in followers in my first week. It was actually quite surprising to me. These numbers might make people laugh but I’m quite happy with them.

get Pinterest traffic week 1


Pinterest Profile Stats.

get pinterest traffic week 1


Pinterest Clicks Stats.

These are clicks to my site from Pinterest. Remember I haven’t uploaded my own pins yet. These are clicks from my profile info.

get pinterest traffic week 1

Pinterest Impressions.

get pinterest traffic week 1


Week 1 Conclusion and lessons learned.

So there you have it. 1 week into my plan and these are my results. A couple of clicks based purely off my profile info and 34 followers. I’m excited. The plan for the coming week is to get this post noticed and to get one more post completed and into the mix. I also want to make all of my old posts Pinnable and get them onto Pinterest too. The “spikes” you see in the impressions correlate directly to the times I have sat and pinned. I have been pinning manually for now since I’m starting off. I don’t have hundreds of pins and boards to manage yet so automated pinning systems seem like overkill right now. Plus I actually read all of the pins that I pin. It’s the only way to ensure that what I’m pinning is good quality or not.

I hope you find this interesting, I do. Please pin and share this using any of the share buttons on the page or by hovering over the image for the Pin It button. Leave comments or questions and I’ll do what I can to answer them. Thanks for stopping by.

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