How (And Why) You Add Your Site to Bing.

By | October 27, 2015

I’ve covered how to add your site to Google search console and now I’m going to show you how (and why) you add your site to Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Bing is not as popular as Google and some people I’ve spoken to don’t even bother with it. Not as a search engine and not as a method for generating traffic. This is a mistake. And a lot of people don’t realize how big this mistake can be.

Add Your Site to Bing - It's a BIG mistake to ignore Bing

This Big.


Here’s why. Bing has a fairly sizable chunk of the searching words and finding stuff market. According to comScore, searches from Microsoft, AKA Bing, account for 19.6% of all searches in 2014.

Add Your Site to Bing - Bing stats are impressive

Got Your Attention?


Now that your interest is piqued let me tell you this. Bing and Yahoo are in cahoots. Yahoo is using Bing’s algorithm to supply you with your search results. So how much of the pie have Yahoo got? 10.2%. That’s a grand total of 29.8% of the search market. That’s too big to ignore, so let’s not. Luckily it’s just as easy to get going with Bing as it is with Google and now you have experience. This is a walk in the park.

If you only have 3.6 seconds to spare and you just want to get Bing to notice you, you can submit your site here. But if you are interested in the details behind your traffic then you will want a Bing Webmaster account. Go to the Webmaster page and sign in if you have a Microsoft account or go ahead and create one. Go on. I’ll wait.


Add Your Site to Bing. bing-signin


Now that you are signed in click on add a site on the left hand side. Fill in your site details including the sitemap url. If you missed how we created this, just click on the previous post, How to add your site to google.


Add Your Site to Bing - add site

Just Like This.


When you’re finished, click add. Now we want to go to option two and take the code in the parenthesis after the word “content”


Add Your Site to Bing - html tag optionGo on back to your dashboard on your site and click on Tools – Available tools. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Website Verification Services. Enter the code into the Bing Webmaster Center and click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 

Go back to Bing and click verify. If you get a verification failure message just wait a few minutes and try to verify again. 

And that’s that. You’ve made the decision to add your site to Bing and by doing that you’ve just increased the natural reach of your website by 29.8%. Great Job.