How to Add Your Site to Google

By | October 21, 2015

Now that you’ve created some quality content it’s time to start getting some traffic from search engines. So lets look at what’s involved and then see how to add your site to Google. Fortunately it’s straight forward to get your site listed in their index. But first you should register a webmaster account with Google.

This account is going to be very useful going forward. You will be able to view statistics and engagement and find keywords that will be useful to your blog. But for now we will be just registering your site with them. 

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

This guy is looking for you.

If you have a google account (Gmail for example) you can just get started with google webmaster tools. Go here and click sign in. 

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

Once you’re logged in you’re going to follow these steps.

  1. Add a property. This is you adding your site to your webmaster account so that you can see stats, add a sitemap and view any issues with your site that google can find.
  2. Verify your ownership. To make sure that you own the site Google ask you do one of a number of things prove it. The easiest way that I have used is to HTML tag option. More on that below.
  3. Add your sitemap. Adding a sitemap allows google to crawl your website and index all of your pages and posts so that you can feature in their search rankings. Fortunately the good people in the WordPress community have made this very simple.


How to Add Your Site to Google.

Once you’re signed in you will see the “Add Property” button on the right. Click it and let’s get started.

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

Type in the URL of your website and click continue. Google will now ask you to verify that you own it. You can do this whatever way you like but I’m going to show you how to verify it the easy way. And why not make things easy? 

You are going to use the HTML Tag option. If you don’t see it in the recommended methods, click on alternative methods. Click the button beside HTML Tag and that option will expand to show you a Meta tag that Google wants you to insert into your website. 

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

Search your feelings. You know it to be easy.

I promised the easy way and that’s what you’ll get. Instead of trying to add that snippet of code into your website you simply copy the code between the quotes after the word content.

How to Add Your Site to Google - html tag option

Now that you have that code copied go to your website dashboard and on the left hand side click on Tools – Available Tools. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find options for the Website Verification Services. 

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

This is the page you’re looking for.

Under the heading Google Webmaster Tools, paste in the code you copied from the Google Webmaster website. Click Save changes and you are done. Go back to the Google Webmaster site and click verify. Google will now know that you are the owner of your site since, in theory, no one but the owner could have done what you’ve just done.

Sometimes it takes some time.

One thing to note is that on occasion, the verification step fails immediately after you save changes. If you find this to be the case, waiting for a few minutes before clicking verify can sort it out. It did for me.

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

If you, like me, registered a domain name without the WWW part, repeat this process for your site with the WWW version of the domain name. So for this site I have and in my Google Webmaster Search console.

Add your site to Google – Site maps

Now Google knows about you. And that’s awesome. Now it’s time to get personal. Now you want Google to know everything about your site. All the links, pages and posts. The super easy way to do this is to submit a site map to Google which is a list of all your pages and posts. Don’t worry. It’s simple.

To create and submit our sitemap we’ll be using a plugin to take most of the work out of it. Go to your website dashboard and click on Plugins – Add new.

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

In the Search Plugins box type ‘Google XML sitemaps’. This will find a great tool by Arne Brachold. More than a million people use this tool. I do and you should too. Install this and click activate when it’s installed.

How to Add Your Site to Google - add to google index

Now go to Plugins – Installed Plugins, find Google XML Sitemaps and click on Settings. And here is the beauty of this tool. You’ll find your sitemap address at the top of the page, all ready to go. Now just tell google that you have a sitemap and it will get all of your pages and posts into its Google brain.

Go back to your Google Webmaster page and click on your website. Click on Crawl on the left hand side and click Sitemaps.

 How to Add Your Site to Google - Crawl Sitemaps

The red Add/Test sitemap button on the right is used to add your sitemap. Click it and add sitemap.xml into the box.

How to Add Your Site to Google - adding your sitemap

Submit it and you are done. Congratulations. You’re one step closer to achieving your goals. 

Congratulations on adding your site to Google

A quick note on the Google webmaster tools. It may take Google’s Robots some time to get around to snooping around you’re website. This is normal but after a few days you will see some very useful information in your webmaster search console. I’d recommend clicking around the options available to see what exactly you can learn from this page.

You wanted to know how to add your site to Google and now you know how to add your site to Google. Now, onward and upwards.

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