Improve your blog productivity (Using Free Online Resources)

By | January 4, 2017

One of the most difficult things to do when you are running a blog is getting your content out on a regular basis. I’m terrible at it. At least I was until I sat down and figured out exactly what steps I needed to complete to get my post finished and online. You see before I did that, I would generally just wing it. Write and see what happened. That approach led to my blog productivity being lower than I wanted. Now that’s all changing. For anyone that’s interested in being able to pump out posts that look and feel just right, having a framework in place is going to increase your blog productivity in a couple of ways.

  1. You can get your content compiled much easier and faster.
  2. Creating posts will no longer feel like work and your ideas will convert to blog posts in no time.

So let’s have a look at the no frills and completely free tools that I use now to create posts that include great visuals and costs no money whatsoever. It may look simple (because it is) but a deeper look at the steps below will show you exactly which free online resources you can use to get your content out FAST!

Create Clickable Content Headlines Using Blog Idea Generators

Getting people to click on your posts in a sea of hundreds of millions of posts is a difficult thing to do. Luckily there are sites dedicated to taking your idea for a post and turning it into an amazing, eye catching headline. Did you know that there are blog idea generators? Yes there are. And you can use them to take your idea and spin it into a headline that people will want to click.

BuildYourOwnBlog have a great idea generator for getting the ball rolling. It’s very simple to use and will help you generate ideas if your suffering from a little writers block.


Blog Idea generator


Next up is BlogAbout  is a great free tool to help you generate great headlines. Once you’ve decided on what you want to write about simply put the topic into the generator and it will create some great head line ideas for you to fill out with your specific ideas.


Blog Headline generator


Now you have a way to generate blog ideas and spin them into eye catching headlines. Fantastic! On to the next step.

Create shareable eye catching visuals.

This is the part that used to slow my blog output to a crawl. The pictures. Blah. I really did not like creating pictures because I was soooooo slow. But pictures are so important for creating exciting and ultimately shareable content. What was I to do? I am rubbish at Photoshop.

I’ll tell you. I found some of the best free online photo sites around so I can grab high quality pictures that I can use for free AND I discovered a couple of amazing ONLINE photo editing websites that make creating pictures that your readers can share a 10 minute job.

Seriously? Seriously! have compiled a list of more than 50 websites that you can use to grab amazing photos from that you can use free of charge. Yes 50+ websites of free photos. That’s amazing considering I can find all the images I want on just one of those sites. Number one on that list is PicJumbo. I haven’t had to go to number 2 on the list. Amazing Hi Res images for free. They have premium content too which is confusing to me since their free offering is so amazing.

So pop over to PicJumbo, grab your picture and come right back. The next step is turning that picture into a headline image for your post.

We are going to use BeFunky for this step. It has a free photo editor that you can use right from your browser. It’s amazing. You can make collages and the Designer tool is great for making images that anyone would love to share on Pinterest. It has a bunch of tips for you as you navigate through its options too so you learn it as you use it. It couldn’t be quicker.


BeFunky Homepage


So there you have it.  A streamlined process for getting blog ideas, generating great headlines and creating free, shareable images that takes less time than you thought.

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